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Monero cryptocurrency logo Monero (XMR)

1 XMR = 123.3 USD +3.6 %

What is Monero...

Monero (XMR) is open-source cryptocurrency based on private and untraceable currency system. Monero was created because Bitcoin did not ensure adequate anonymity. Today is monero hiding adresses of recipients, senders and value of transaction. For this, Monero uses its own protocol CryptoNote.

New coins are created the same way as Bitcoin is - by mining (verifying of transactions). Algorithm for verifying is modified - it's not possible to use specialized hardware, so mining on common processor and graphics cards pays off. Monero is completly decentralized cryptocurrency.

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Prices (real currency)
US Dollar (USD / XMR) 123.3 USD
Euro (EUR / XMR) 115.98 EUR
Česká koruna (CZK / XMR) 2930.8 CZK
Australian dollar (AUD / XMR) 192.58 AUD
Brazilian real (BRL / XMR) 650.07 BRL
British Pound (GBP / XMR) 99.081 GBP
Bulgarian lev (BGN / XMR) 226.72 BGN
Canadian dollar (CAD / XMR) 170.59 CAD
Croatian kuna (HRK / XMR) 872.95 HRK
Danish krone (DKK / XMR) 865.36 DKK
Hong Kong dollar (HKD / XMR) 965.65 HKD
Hungarian forint (HUF / XMR) 45795 HUF
Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY / XMR) 892.47 CNY
Indian Rupee (INR / XMR) 10318 INR
Indonesian rupiah (IDR / XMR) 2006231 IDR
Israeli new shekel (ILS / XMR) 462.28 ILS
Japanese yen (JPY / XMR) 19072 JPY
Malaysian ringgit (MYR / XMR) 590.83 MYR
Mexican peso (MXN / XMR) 2102.6 MXN
New Zealand dollar (NZD / XMR) 209.64 NZD
Nokia Corporation (NOK / XMR) 1354.7 NOK
Philippine peso (PHP / XMR) 7029 PHP
Polish złoty (PLN / XMR) 505.65 PLN
Romanian leu (RON / XMR) 577.11 RON
Russian ruble (RUB / XMR) 11506 RUB
Singapore dollar (SGD / XMR) 168.29 SGD
South African Rand (ZAR / XMR) 2347.1 ZAR
South Korean won (KRW / XMR) 171873 KRW
Swedish krona (SEK / XMR) 1349.7 SEK
Swiss franc (CHF / XMR) 112.59 CHF
Thai baht (THB / XMR) 4523.3 THB
Turkish lira (TRY / XMR) 4005.1 TRY
Prices (cryptocurrency)
Bitcoin (BTC / XMR) 0.00195665 BTC
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD / XMR) 48731 AMD
BitSend (BSD / XMR) 123.24 BSD
DobbsCoin (BOB / XMR) 854.61 BOB
NIO (NIO / XMR) 4535.8 NIO
Polker (PKR / XMR) 34291 PKR
Steem Dollars (SBD / XMR) 1044.9 SBD

Current course of cryptocurrency XMR. Price evolution (chart USD/XMR) - current value.